Turning Your Old
Spirit Wear Closet Into New Profit

Our Exclusive Partnership With Project Repat


Project Repat Turns Your Old Spirit Wear Into A New Reselleble Quilt

-  A unique auction item 

-  A great graduation gift

-  The perfect holiday present

- A one of a kind keepsake


How to Make A
A School Quilt

Step 1: Send out a request, in your school newsletter, for old spirit wear or clean out your spirit wear closet.
Step 2: Check out www.projectrepat.com to see how to prepare your shirts for sending in.
Step 3: Purchase quilt of correct size based on how many shirts you have. Don't forget to use code K12 for a discount.
Step 4: Auction off the quilt online or at a live auction.
Step 5: Work with Project Repat to offer parents a discount code for additional purchases for further fundraising.



How To Resell Your
School Quilt

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The Project RepatPodcast Episode:

Featuring Nathan Rothstein, President, Project Repat. We discuss how schools are using Project Repat to fundraise.

Quick Tips to Reselling Your Quilt

Create an image and display it on your school channels: Social media pages, School/PTA website, email, bring the quilt to in-person events.


K12 School Discount Code


Use Code K12 For 25% Off

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Discount Code

Use Code K12 for 25% off.