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100 Years of School Uniforms

How long has your school had uniforms? Do you have images of the evolution of the uniform? If so, you will agree that looking back is a fun endeavor. If not, have no fear, Glamour magazine has done a really great video that encapsulates the 100 year evolution.

In the video, you can clearly see some of today's uniform trends and where they originated.

The 1930s gave us the jumper dress. This is a personal favorite of mine partially because I love the classic look and partially because it is a popular item that we sell today.

The 1950s gave us plaid that permeates across uniforms across the nation.

The 2000s brought less formal uniforms. We know that in the 100+ years that our uniform partner has been in business, there has certainly been a change - an increase in the number of schools requiring uniforms but more flexibility in what meets the "uniform" requirement.

The big open question is what change will the 2020s and a pandemic bring? Some joke that pajamas are the new uniform so schools will continue along the path of loosening uniform requirements. Others say that schools will push for stricter policies to help drive cohesion and school culture. In our experience talking to private schools across the country, the most common approach we hear is a "wait and see." Schools are keeping their current policies in place and waiting for more certainty in the world around them before embarking on change. We would love to hear what your school is doing...drop us a note.

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