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School Fundraise, Save the Earth, and Give a Great Grad Gift!

Updated: May 26, 2023

We recently came across a great fundraising idea that is also eco-friendly, so we wanted to share it with our PTA and PTO leaders. Clothing waste in the US is alarmingly high. Although many people donate their old spirit wear shirts, so they do get a second life, reusing them differently may be able to extend their use further…make a quilt! School fundraise with Project Repat.

Person falling into Washing Machine
Project Repat

Project Repat is an organization tackling clothing waste by turning old t-shirts into quilts. They are collages of your elementary, middle school, or high school years by showcasing the different logos of your spirit wear gear. Making a quilt of these memories can be a great graduation gift. Schools can also assemble a collection of spirit wear from their spirit wear closet and auction it off at a school auction.

School Fundraise: How Does it Work?

Step 1: Send out a request, in your school newsletter, for old spirit wear or clean out your spirit wear closet.
Step 2: Check out to see how to prepare your shirts for sending in.
Step 3: Purchase quilt of correct size based on how many shirts you have. Don't forget to use code K12 for a discount.
Step 4: Auction off the quilt online or at a live auction.
Step 5: Work with Project Repat to offer parents a discount code for additional purchases for further fundraising.

The quilts are high quality, cozy, and made right here in the US. To hear more about how you can fundraise with this idea, and the process of making the quilts, check out this episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast.


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