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Interactive Classroom Games...Jeopardy

Getting kids engaged is more important than every given how much time children are spending in front of screens. There are a lot of great tools out there to engage kids but sometimes the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. So we have sifted through the "Jeopardy" options and here are the top two options.

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Jeopardy Labs

Jeopardy Labs makes it easy to create jeopardy templates without PowerPoint. There are hundreds of sample games that you can browse, use, and/or edit.

Pros: There are lots of premade games so you spend less time creating questions. There is flexibility on methods of play; you can play online, download & embed. Keeping track of points is easy because you can tally points on the screen. You can play in teams or as individuals.

Cons: It is not as visually appealing as some other options because the design is different than the game show. This is a new technology so there is some learning curve although it is pretty user-friendly. Unlike our other option, there are not at this time any embedded diagrams (e.g. maps) so you are limited to text and/or inserting your own images/videos.

Here are some school-related sample games that we liked:

Google Slides Jeopardy Template

This Google slides template allows you to create a fun and interactive jeopardy game to play in your classroom. It is really easy to use and flexible - test your kids on any single subject or play with a mix of topics.

Pros: As with many things google, this template is visually appealing with the design mimicking the game show. It is really simple and intuitive to use (based on powerpoint/Google slides) and there are embedded, clearly written, instructions. There are diagrams embedded that you can easily use.

Cons: You need a Google account - this is something most people have so this shouldn't be a barrier to use. You may need to download the fonts if you want to use the template as is. There is not functionality to tally points in the template so you will need to do that separately. Finally, you will need to come up with your own questions.

There you have it, review the concepts you've recently taught with a competitive jeopardy game! We hope these templates will help you create the game quickly and easily.

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