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K-12 Clothing Launches The Multipurpose Room Podcast

Updated: May 26, 2023

The Multipurpose Room podcast launched today. Hosted by Wesley Jones, co-founder of K-12 Clothing, and Debora Jones, K-12 Clothing co-founder and advisor, the podcast released with five episodes that discuss real-life issues that PTAs, PTOs, and school staff are dealing with today and offers practical tips and best practices in these challenging times in education. New episodes will release every Friday.

The Multipurpose Room Podcast Logo
The Multipurpose Room Podcast Logo

The first five episodes deal with various issues that schools and school groups are tackling today.

  • Episode 1: The School Auction: How to Maximize Donations & Success

  • Episode 2: I’m Spiritwear Chair…Help?!

  • Episode 3: PTA in a Pandemic: Why Bother or Lean In?

  • Episode 4: A Teacher’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Educational System

  • Episode 5: School Pods, Microschools: WTF

To listen and subscribe, visit

The Multipurpose Room is produced by Susan Finch, President/Senior Producer at Funnel Media Group, LLC, and made possible by SquadLocker, a leading provider of online tools and services for teams and organizations to manage custom apparel and equipment purchasing.


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