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Getting Moms Back to Work: The Mom Project

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

A K-12 Partner Spotlight

At K-12 Clothing, we are big believers in equality. As a black-owned business, we understand that the playing field isn’t level for many people in today’s workforce. As a business, we must make a concerted effort to change that. That’s why this summer, when we went to seek help to expand our business, we reached out to The Mom Project. Educational, professional, or social opportunities tend to favor single white males. In particular, mothers often miss out on career advancement because career success often comes with the expectation of giving everything to work, and mothers cannot always do that. Many mothers leave the workforce frustrated and wishing they could “do it all.” The Mom Project was founded to address these issues. It is a platform committed to helping women remain active in the workforce at every stage of their life journey. It helps employers like K-12 Clothing find great candidates, and we are excited to partner with The Mom Project this year.

Woman standing next to desk and laptop.
The Mom Project

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The Mom Project — How It All Started

A working couple, Allison Robinson and Gregory Robinson, were in a familiar situation when they got pregnant with their first child. They were trying to figure out how to adjust to their new life. While on maternity leave from Procter & Gamble, Allison learned that a shockingly high number of women — almost as much as 43% — leave the workforce after becoming moms. This caused her to re-examine her own plans, but it also pushed her to figure out why. She realized that women were not leaving because they did not want to work but that many felt they needed to leave to be able to be a mother. Allison did not think this was right — she wanted to create a world where pursuing a professional career and engaging in parenthood were complementary activities. Thus, Allison founded The Mom Project in 2016 to give women who wanted to work more options.

The Mom Project — The Mission

The Mom Project's primary mission is to empower mothers in their careers. They do this in a couple of ways:

  • Bridging the Gap Between Working Mothers’ Needs and Workplace Expectations

An estimated one million women in the US join the realm of motherhood each year; of these, a significant number are part of the active workforce. At The Mom Project, they do not place the entire responsibility of adjusting to this new phase on the mom. The Mom Project works with organizations to reshape their policies to be more supportive of women. They also provide a platform that connects employers and moms on mutually beneficial terms.

  • Creating a Supportive Community

At The Mom Project, they keep their practices free of discrimination and thrive based on inclusivity. The platform creates a community for working mothers everywhere that aims to draw connections between inspiring individuals, provide career goal support, and facilitate unrestricted access to resources needed for growth in their professional and family life.

Mother standing up, holding baby swaddled in a blanket.
Mother Holding Baby

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The Mom Project — Their Programs

Currently, The Mom Project runs four programs to facilitate working mothers in diverse and dynamic ways. They are:

  • Women’s Work Initiative

The Women’s Work Initiative is a program that aims to maximize the number of women that take an active part in the workforce. This initiative encourages economic, social, and business growth in the female population by helping them benefit from career-building opportunities such as career fairs and mentorships.

  • Resume Review

What goes on paper stays, which is a well-understood fact at The Mom Project. The platform understands just how vital resumes are for potential in the job market; after all, they help us reach interview shortlists and bag that dream job. To help moms curate the ideal resume, The Mom Project launched Resume Rev, a project designed to improve their skills and expertise on paper. And the best part is that The Mom Project allows moms to use their new resumes both on and off The Mom Project platform.

  • Unity Program Matching

Like any reliable platform, The Mom Project has not failed to take special measures during the corona pandemic's uncertain times. With thousands of women being laid off due to lockdown orders and halted business activities, its Unity Program Matching aims to connect at least 1000 women with supportive resources to aid them in finding a job during these tough conditions.


RALLY is perhaps the most unique of The Mom Project’s programs. RALLY provides working women and advocates of working women a platform upon which they can form meaningful connections and both give and receive support to one another, whether this is in the form of resume building, career advice, or tips on maintaining a healthy work-home balance.

The Mom Project is successful in its own right, but having tennis superstar Serena Williams as a supporter and board member is undoubtedly an added bonus. As a working mother, Ms. Williams recognizes the good of the work that The Mom Project is doing. As a result, Ms. Williams has taken on the role of The Mom Project’s strategic advisor.

Overall, The Mom Project is a one-of-a-kind, dynamic career-matching platform designed to facilitate working women everywhere, no matter what stage of their journey they may be on.

Do you have an organization you think we should consider partnering with? Are you an organization looking to partner? If so, please connect with us on Facebook.


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