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School Leaders: Here is one simple thing to save your staff, coaches, & parents hours of time

All across America school staff, teachers, coaches, and parents (PTA/PTO) are losing countless hours each year managing school apparel when they could be spending their time helping students. The good news is that this is a simple problem that you can fix immediately. And it is 2020, technology is on our side, so you can fix it quickly. Once you fix this issue it will help many people immediately and even more people in the future. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

I bet that 95% of the schools reading this post today identify with these scenarios: 1. Your coach works with a vendor for their team uniform and spirit wear. 2. Your teachers, staff, and clubs all work with another vendor (or multiple) for their spirit wear and field day shirts. 3. There is a closet somewhere in your school with a box of odd-sized t-shirts and hoodies, with outdated designs, that never sold. 4. Within the last 3 years, your staff and parents have worked with multiple apparel vendors to meet their specific apparel needs.

Let’s be very clear, these scenarios are a result of the archaic way schools have managed apparel in the past.

The result of this separate management is lost time. Where does the time go? Let’s take a quick look at where your staff and parents are losing time each year. Real-time scenario:

  1. Initial online vendor search: 30–90 minutes

  2. Initial consultation with potential vendors (emails & calls): 45–90 minutes

  3. Logos & design request & approvals: 30–90 minutes

  4. Selecting apparel products: 30–90 minutes

  5. Coordinating delivery of products to parents & students:180+ minutes

  6. Managing returns of wrong sized or defective products: 90+ minutes

  7. Next year: restart the time clock!

This is real time lost by your staff EVERY single year. It may seem like it’s just simply spirit wear, apparel, or just school uniforms but it’s not. It’s real time that depletes your teachers energy in the classroom and coaches on the field. Luckily, you never have to deal with these scenarios again.

The answer? Consolidate! Work with a single vendor who can manage all of your coach's teachers, and parents' spirit wear, team uniforms, fundraising, staff uniforms, and school uniforms needs. It is completely disjointed and there is no reason to keep it that way.

K-12 Clothing is a solution that meets every school's apparel needs in a 2020 world.

How? We build school apparel web stores where coaches have their team uniforms, parents have their spirit wear fundraising t-shirts and school uniforms, and your staff has their polos and zip-ups. Each group has as wide, or as narrow, of a selection of apparel options as they choose to make available on the web site. We produce apparel on-demand so your staff, parents, and coaches don’t have to guess how much to order nor do they have to coordinate the ordering process with parents.

In times of the coronavirus, contactless delivery has also become a major topic and one where schools are spending time figuring out how to comply. Keeping up with changing times, we have mastered contactless delivery, and all of our packages are sent straight to parents thereby keeping social distancing protocols intact. Our delivery system reduces your workload as school staff and coaches are no longer responsible for getting customers their orders or managing any of the apparel process. Sales history is transparent and coaches and staff have the option to edit products or logos online, with the backing of our customer support. We make it easy!

Last, there are also the financial benefits of consolidating your apparel needs. K-12 Clothing offers schools additional cashback each year for using K-12 Clothing exclusively or by referring other schools to use its services. Capable of servicing single schools or entire school districts, our partnership with SquadLocker allows us to offer schools the best in technology and apparel management no matter how big or small the school.

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