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Teacher-to-Teacher: Ways to Make Hybrid Learning Easier

If you’re a teacher and haven’t already read Education Week’s 5 part series by teachers on this year, it is great. The author addresses readers and teachers feedback about teaching in a hybrid world. There are several parts but the one that really resonated with me was the tips in Part 5: It is Like Teaching Two Classes at Once. This part focuses on some ways to make hybrid teaching easier.

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The main theme in this article is all about not putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. You can also rely on outside resources to make teaching a bit easier – play a video at the outset of class and use games. There are a lot of great video resources out there. You can do a virtual field trip, or for younger kids, do a Go Noodle video. For games, there is Cahoots, as well as creating an online jeopardy or check out this list of games for teachers. Also, don’t overuse the Zoom resources – you can use breakout rooms sparingly and don’t force the camera time. This can alienate your students and put extra stress on you. If your students are engaged and answering questions, that is a win. If you are a teacher and haven’t already checked it out, take a few minutes – it is worth the read.

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