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Three Tips for Setting Up Your Child's At Home Learning Center

While the education sector has always been a constantly changing field, the year 2020 has introduced a new normal where students across the globe have taken to virtual education. In such circumstances, it is vital to provide your children with a home space to support learning. This may seem like a daunting task for some but our quick tips will point you in the right direction.

1) Plan Ahead!

The key principle that schools run on is organization and planning. Whether it is lesson plans, equipment, assessments, or even trips, schools do not leave anything to the last minute. Not only does this result in better outputs, but it also reduces the chances of things not working out. The same principles need to be applied to your child’s at home virtual learning center. Make it a habit for your children to prepare their basics before school timings begin and to make sure that they have their stationery, learning material, and a steady power supply on hand. This will instill a sense of organization within the student and help them enter into that learning state of mind.

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2) Supplies, Supplies, and Supplies!

While each household is sure to have basic stationery items, specific supplies vary for each grade. Having the right supplies will set your child up for success and limit breaks resulting from a need to run for a new supply mid-meeting. Make sure you have the following items:

  • A writing surface (desk, table, etc)

  • A chair

  • Required technology (a computer/tablet, a power supply and extension)

  • Required school books

  • Pencils

  • Paper (lined and unlined)

  • Colored pencils or crayons or markers or paints

Check out this handy grade-specific list if you don’t have one from your school.

3) Storage Space

Concentrating and getting work done in a clutter is a real hassle! Make sure your children have a proper place to store their workbooks, stationery, and any other learning materials. Not only will this free up space for them to get their work done, but children are also less likely to lose their things. Plus, proper storage space will mimic the feeling of a school setting, making it easier for your child to study.

We love to use old cups for our writing supplies and a Rubbermaid bin to put everything in at the end of the day so it is all together. You can use whatever container you have around, or there are some great storage solutions on Amazon.

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Handling a Hybrid Model

If your child’s school has decided to operate on a hybrid model, then your child’s learning process will have a bit less stability and you won’t want to lug that Rubbermaid bin to school. Help your child set a phone alarm for the end of each day to put their materials needed for in person school in to their backpack. You can also have them set out their school uniform or other clothing at the same time. This will lessen the morning rush to ensure all is present. But, just in case, you can also set an alarm for the morning to check their backpack to ensure all materials are in place.

So, thee you have it: some simple yet effective ways you can make your child’s at home learning center a sure success! After all, education should not stop in the face of anything, not even a global pandemic.

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