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School Spirit Wear
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No minimum order & shipped directly to parents.

- Created by a PTA Dad. 

Spirit Wear

Does Your School Suffer From Poor Spirit Wear Syndrome?

How Do We Manage Your School Apparel Needs? 

We Build Schools Mobile & Fundraising Ready Apparel Web Stores & Manage the Logistics

Your School's Custom Free Apparel Store

-  Parent's order directly

-  No set-up fees

-  Free design support

-  Mobile ready
-  Infant, youth, & adult sizes available

School Fundraising Made Easy

-  Fundraising admin dashboard

-  Track your fundraising goals

-  View orders in realtime

-  Select your fundraising percentage

Comprehensive Customer Support

- Support for every customer and school

- You can focus on your students, while we focus on your school apparel

Shipped Directly to Parents

- Quick turnaround

- Orders ship within a few days

- No minimum order

- Thousands of products to choose from

School Apparel Challenges

Does Your School|PTA/PTO|Team/Booster Club

Face Any of These Issues?

Lack of Time
-    Designing & Marketing
-    Collecting Money & Orders
-    Distribution of Apparel

-    Managing Vendors
-    Managing Inventory
-    Managing Returns

Design Support

- Lack of Design Skills

- Needing Fresh Designs

- Needing Multiple Logos Available

Trusted by Hundreds of Schools & PTA's
Across America

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New York State


Florida State


Mexico State


Idaho State

What Our Schools Say

“I was tired of chasing down parents for their order. It's been so great not having to sort t-shirts anymore. Thank you K-12 Clothing."


Lincoln Elementary

“In Texas, our football team is active all year long, not just during the football season. Our spirit wear store lets parents purchase and support our football team all year!"

Coach K,

Football Coach

"We have so many options this year. Parent's can order directly and they have everything from t-shirts to scarves and hats and everyone can choose their color and size."


Smith Middle School

How to Discuss
K-12 Clothing At Your Next School Meeting?

Download Talking Points Here


Made To Share With Your Team!


Created by a PTA Dad

Frustrated with how spirit wear typically works, "I decided to create a free fundraising resource for parents and schools to offer school apparel all year without having to manage it or being forced to buy in bulk"

- Wes, PTA Dad, Founder

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

99% of schools face the same challenges.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

-   How much does it cost?

Nothing, it's free. Free store, free design support. No startup fee. It's all free.
-   What is the minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order amount.
-   What about shipping?

Products typically ship in 5-10 business days. Click here to learn more about shipping and shipping costsYes, again, we DO ship directly to parents :).

-   How's the quality?

Powered by SquadLocker, you'll always receive high-quality products. Read more about SquadLocker's 2020 award. Or check out reviews on Trust Pilot. Thousands of products to choose from.

-   Why K-12 Clothing?

- Resources that support your school.

- Free design support, & Web store.

- Select from thousands of apparel options​.

-   How does fundraising work?

You are able to control your fundraising controls directly. Click here for a preview.

or click here to learn more about fundraising.

-  How long does it take to start?

It just depends on your logos. Most basic spirit wear stores are started within 7-10 days. Large or complex stores with school multiple teams and logo support requests may take up to 14 days. Have an urgent need for a store quickly? Just ask and we'll do our best to meet your deadline.

-   Do sites stay open all year?

Yes, stores stay open all year long and we ship on-demand all year long. 

-  Can I use my existing logo or can you help with the design?

Yes, we can use your existing design or we can create something new for you. Our design team is here to support and yes, it's free.

School Resources

In addition to our growing number of blog articles and free parent and school guides, in 2020 we launched The Multipurpose Room.


The Multipurpose Room is our podcast dedicated to helping school organizations and school administrations achieve their goals. Each episode discusses real-life topics that PTAs, PTOs, and school staff are dealing with, or have dealt with, and offers practical tips, learnings, and best practices to achieve their desired outcomes.


We encourage and recommend schools subscribe and share with their PTA groups in their monthly newsletters as an additional resource.

The Multipurpose Room Blog

The Multipurpose Room Podcast


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