Shipped directly to parents

No minimum order

Available all year long 365, 24/7

- Free web store, free design support, no set-up fees  

- Community face masks available

Created by a PTA Dad


School  Apparel Challenges

Does Your PTA|PTO|School|Team/Coach|Parents

Face Any of These Issues?

of Time

-    Designing & Marketing
-    Collecting Money & Orders
-    Distribution of Apparel


-    Managing Vendors
-    Managing Inventory
-    Managing Returns


How Do We Manage Your Spirit Wear,

School Uniforms, Staff Apparel, & Team Needs? 

We Build Schools Mobile & Fundraising Ready Apparel Web Stores & Manage the Logistics


We build your school's

web store & you select your store products

-  Free web store

-  No set-up fees

-  Free design support

Mobile ready
Fundraising enabled

- Infant, youth, & adult sizes available


We make your apparel & ship your schools/teams/clubs products directly to your parents front door. No need to manage or track. We do it all for you.

-  No minimum order

-  Offer various size, color combinations,
       & designs

-  No need to order in bulk

-  High quality apparel

-  We manage it all for you


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Fundraising ready. Your school can earn fundraising
dollars for every item sold

-   Mobile ready
-  Fundraising enabled

-  Available all year long

Contactless Shipping 

High School
Principals Believe


of high school principals believe school spirit is reinforced when students wear spirit wear.

Supporting Schools & Districts

A single source for all of your schools and districts school apparel needs


Design to Delivery

-   We ship directly to your customers
-   No minimum order
-   Free design & marketing support
       (logo & flyers)

-   Mobile ready
-   Fundraising ready

-   No collecting order



-   A single trusted resource for your
       school’s spirit wear & uniforms                 needs

-   We partner with SquadLocker to               manage delivery, fundraising, and           returns with your support
-   Open all year long


Support at Scale

-   Capable of supporting every school
       in your district

-   A new funding resource when it
       matters the most

-   Statistics & data provided monthly
-   We respect & protect your 
       customers data

Frequently Asked Questions

99% of schools face the same challenges. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions


-   How much does it cost?

Nothing, it's free. Free store, free design support. No startup fee. It's all free.
-   What is the minimum order amount?

No minimum order amount.
-   What about shipping?

Products typically ship in 5-10 business days. Click here to learn more about shipping and shipping costsYes, again, we DO ship directly to parents :).
-   How does fundraising work?

You are able to control your fundraising controls directly. Click here for a preview.

or click here to learn more about fundraising.

-  How long does it take to start?

It just depends on your logos. Most basic spirit wear stores are started within 1-3 days. Large or complex stores with school multiple teams and logo support requests may take up to 14 days.


Design, Product, Service, Quality & Support

-   Do sites stay open all year?

Yes, stores stay open all year long and we ship on-demand all year long. 

-  Can I use my existing logo or can you help with the design?

Yes, we can use your existing design or we can create something new for you. Our design team is here to support and yes, it's free.

-   How's the quality?

Powered by SquadLocker, you'll always receive high-quality products. Read more about SquadLockers 2020 award. Or check out reviews on Trust Pilot. Thousands of products to choose from.

-   Why K-12 Clothing?

- Resources that support your school.

- Free design support, & Web store.

- Select from thousands of apparel options​.


Sample School Stores

Thousands of apparel options.

Here are a few example stores.

-   School Uniforms & Spirit Wear



-  Spirit Wear

-   Multiple Teams & Spirit Wear


Created by a PTA Dad

Frustrated with how spirit wear typically works, "I decided to create a free fundraising resource for parents and schools to offer school apparel all year without having to manage it or being forced to buy in bulk"

- Wes, PTA Dad, Founder


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