Contactless Shipping Delivered Directly to Parents

No Minimum Order

Open All Year Long

Design Support 

Does Your PTA|PTO|School|Team/Coach|Parents

Face Any of These Issues?


How Do We Manage Your Spirit Wear,

School Uniforms & Team Needs? 

We Build Schools Mobile & Fundraising Ready Apparel Web Stores & Manage the Logistics

We build your school's

web store & you select your store products

-  Free web store

-  Free design support

Mobile ready
Fundraising enabled

- Infant, youth, & adult sizes available


We make your apparel & ship your schools/teams/clubs products directly to your parents front door. No need to manage or track. We do it all for you.

-  No minimum order

-  Offer various size, color combinations,
       & designs

-  No need to order in bulk

-  High quality apparel

-  We manage it all for you


Fundraising ready. Your school can earn fundraising
dollars for every item sold

-   Mobile ready
-  Fundraising enabled

-  Available all year long

Contactless Shipping 

A single source for all of your schools and districts school apparel needs

Frustrated with how spirit wear typically works, "I decided to create a free fundraising resource for parents and schools to offer school apparel all year without having to manage it or being forced to buy in bulk"

- Wes, PTA Dad, Founder


SquadLocker is a leader in the  custom apparel and uniform space. The K-12 Clothing/SquadLocker partnership leverages SquadLocker's multi-million dollar investment in infrastructure and delivery operations. All web stores and products are supported exclusively through SquadLocker.

Schools who register for a SquadLocker account through K-12 Clothing receive:

  • Additional discounts and benefits throughout the school year.

  • Additional support and tips on how to reach and sell to parents online. 

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Schools who register for a SquadLocker account through K-12 Clothing receive additional discounts and benefits throughout the school year.