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Brewing Success Through Inter-Grade Competition: A Playbook for School Fundraising with K-12 Coffee

When it comes to fundraising, the perfect blend of coffee and friendly competition can make all the difference. Welcome to K-12 Coffee's guide on organizing an Inter-Grade Competition to boost your school's funds while fostering a sense of community. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the entire process, from announcing your competition on Facebook to sending monthly sales updates and how coffee can be a valuable addition to PTA meetings. Plus, with K-12 Coffee, your store is set up, parents order directly, and coffee is shipped directly to their homes—no minimum order, and it's available year-round. Let's dive in!

School Fundraising Step 1: Prepare for Success

Announcing Your Competition:

  • One Week Before Kickoff: Build excitement by announcing the Inter-Grade Competition on Facebook one week before the kickoff.

  • Engage Your Audience: Use catchy visuals and compelling captions to get parents, students, and staff excited about the upcoming competition. Don't worry; we can help with marketing tools!

  • Highlight the Cause: Emphasize how their participation will directly benefit the school and its programs.

School Fundraising Step 2: How It Works

  • Coffee Store Setup: K-12 Coffee takes care of setting up your online coffee store quickly.

  • Direct Parent Orders: Parents can order coffee directly from the online store at any time.

  • Shipping to Homes: K-12 Coffee handles shipping directly to parents' homes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • No Minimum Order: There's no need for parents to make large purchases. Parents can order one bag at a time, and —every bag counts toward your fundraising goal.

  • Year-Round Availability: Coffee is available year-round, ensuring a continuous source of fundraising income.

School Fundraising Step 3: The Inter-Grade Competition

Ground Rules:

  • Team Formation: Divide your school into grade-level teams.

  • Duration: Decide on the competition's duration. One month is a common choice, but you can adjust it as needed. The great part is that your coffee store can run all year long.

  • Competition Rules: Create clear rules for tracking sales, defining what counts as a sale, and how prizes will be awarded.

Monthly Updates:

  • Monthly Sales Reports: Keep the competition engaging by sending out monthly sales updates to participants and parents. We'll provide you with monthly sales reports for each grade.

  • Recognition: Acknowledge the leading grade and celebrate achievements with a brief newsletter or email.

School Fundraising Step 4: Coffee at PTA Meetings

Enhancing PTA Meetings:

  • Coffee Breaks: Consider brewing your own coffee during PTA meetings. It's a simple way to create a welcoming atmosphere and keep attendees energized and engaged.

  • Fundraising Updates: Provide regular updates on the progress of your Inter-Grade Competition during PTA meetings to keep parents informed and motivated.

School Fundraising Recap of Benefits of K-12 Coffee

  • Direct-to-Home Delivery: Parents enjoy the convenience of coffee delivered directly to their homes, saving them time and effort.

  • No Minimum Order: Every purchase, big or small, contributes to your fundraising goals.

  • Year-Round Availability: Coffee is available throughout the year, ensuring continuous support for your school.

With these steps, you're ready to embark on a successful Inter-Grade Competition with K-12 Coffee. It's a simple, effective, and enjoyable way to raise funds for your school while bringing your community together. Coffee and friendly competition—what could be more engaging and rewarding? Start your coffee-fueled fundraising journey today and experience the benefits of K-12 Coffee at every sip.

Ready to launch your school coffee fundraiser? Sign up today at



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