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Top 5 Teacher Podcasts in 2020

Updated: May 26, 2023

Our teachers do so much for our children and our schools. This school year has been especially challenging, and we often hear how teachers could use more support resources. To help, we have compiled a list of five podcast episodes that provide practical tips that teachers can use in their classrooms. Welcome to the best Teacher Podcasts in 2020; we hope you enjoy it!

Two women talking over a podcast.

1. Giving Thanks to Our Teachers: Ways to Support Teacher Well-Being by The Multipurpose Room

Rebecca Arnold, the founder of Root Coaching and Consulting, gives some fantastic ideas to support the teachers. With careful consideration of the current situation with the pandemic, there is additional stress on educators that could negatively affect their mental and physical health. Due to this stress, sometimes they cannot do their job as effectively. There is reduced morale. There is pressure on the teachers to provide the students with a virtual environment similar to that of the school. This podcast highlights the teachers' strengths, the positivity they bring to the students, and ways teachers can invest in themselves.

2. Blended Learning Best Practices with Catlin Tucker by The Shake Up Learning Show.

Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning hosts this podcast, and their guest is the famous learning guru Dr. Catlin Tucker. This episode highlights some of the struggles of teaching during the pandemic and the different ways to overcome them.

3. Retrieval Practice Pooja K. Agarwal by The Staffroom

This podcast is presented by Pooja Agarwal, a writer of the famous book, Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning. The podcast helps to develop a better understanding between the students and teachers through communication. This podcast shares how to build better communication skills to get to know the students and their interests and build a better rapport with them. It further emphasizes interactive classroom sessions and responding to student concerns to create a healthier environment.

4. Virtual Teaching Presentation Tips from an Expert by The Multipurpose Room

Susan E. Finch, vocal coach at the Julliard School, gives some helpful tips in this podcast. In this pandemic, when everything is covered virtually, giving a presentation online comes with its own challenges. It requires good communication between the presenter and the listener. As a vocal coach, Susan had some unique ideas for the teachers to keep their students engaged despite the lack of in-person interaction.

5. The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 224 Inspiring A New Paradigm For Education:

The guest of this podcast is Mr. Christopher Pommerening. Christopher founded Learnlife, an organization focused on positively changing education worldwide. This podcast focuses on increasing competitiveness in schools and the current trend of pressuring students. For example, the learning material previously used for first and second graders is now used for Kindergarten. The podcast emphasizes the need to create a healthier atmosphere for students and teachers to thrive in and strategies to help the students learn more effectively without added pressure.

We hope these episodes are helpful in your classroom.


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